Watch Anthony Bourdain travel to Egypt to sample its food

Ful mudammas is the Egyptian breakfast dish of favas stewed with tahini and seasoned with garlic, cumin, and lemon. Bourdain described it as “really nutritious and a way to fill your stomach; a real treat” The vehicle traffic it seemed somewhat distracted Anthony Boaurdian. Well, if he thought driving in Egypt was “mad max” like he should pay a quick visit to Marrakesh. The Khan el-Khalili market, the largest in Egypt and the Middle East, served as a somewhat refreshing place for Bourdain as he drank coffee amidst the assorted goods on show. My favourite part of this show was the part about spices. I mean, they had everything in this market.

The most interesting meal Bourdain had, had to be Pigeon which ancient Egyptian ate as a delicacy and apparently is still a favourite in contemporary Egypt, ate as an aphrodisiac no less by newly married couples.

This was an Interesting episode which did not fail to delve deep into Cairo’s cuisine.

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