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Unravelling Nigeria one tour at a time | MyWeku Tastes
Unravelling Nigeria one tour at a time

Unravelling Nigeria one tour at a time

Unravelling Nigeria one tour at a time

Unravelling Nigeria is a tour planning outfit run by a Lagosian with a passion for local Nigerian tourism. It is a green shoot in what I hope will become an avalanche, an avalanche triggered by a desire to patronise what we have on the African continent just as much, if not more than we patronise what is outside the continent. We caught up with the founder, to learn a bit more about this tour firm.

Tell us about yourself and the inspiration behind Unravelling Nigeria?

I’m just a girl who likes to travel and explore. I’m playful and can’t sit still. Now to the star of the show and my baby, Unravelling Nigeria. The inspiration behind it was literally just me getting tired of doing the same thing over and over again in Lagos.

Also on one of my trips abroad, I started to wonder why so many people travelled to all these countries that had less to offer compared to my country in terms of tourism.

After a few brainstorming sessions with friends and family, Unravelling Nigeria was born. I decided that I wanted a platform to show off how beautiful Nigeria truly is.

Also in this era of forex squeeze promoting local tourism isn’t such a bad idea.

What are the most memorable tours you been involved in so far?

Honestly it’s between my Idanre Hills trip and Kajuru Castle..

Unravelling Nigeria one tour at a time

How much does the average tour cost and what should tourists expect?

I can’t give an answer to the average cost because it depends on where, what’s involved and how long. I’ve had tours that cost N5,000 and I’ve had one that cost N50,000.

Participants can expect lots of fun, games, bonding and making new friends and most importantly learning about culture and historical facts behind wherever we visit.

Unravelling Nigeria one tour at a time

How receptive are fellow Nigerians to the idea of unraveling the hidden gems within the borders of Nigeria?

Fear and excitement. Fear because of insecurity and excitement because they want to try out new things. Slowly as we’ve carried out more successful tours, people are starting to open up more to the idea of touring Nigeria.

Unravelling Nigeria one tour at a time

What dishes have you sampled on your trips that you’d like to tell the world about?

ALL. From amala and abula to pounded yam and efo riro.

What does the future hold for Unravelling Nigeria?

To be the leading tour planning company (for local travel) and consultancy firm in Nigeria. From culture to travels, Unravelling Nigeria will be the one to go to. for tours, excursions, tips etc. We also hope to work with some of these tourist attractions to help develop and build the Nigerian tourism industry.

What tips would you offer to any one hoping to travel within Nigeria?

I always find this question amusing and I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record. I know we face an insurgency challenge in the North and now we have the fulani herdsmen situation, but what I ask people is what safety measures do you take when you’re in New York or Paris.These places are notorious for pickpockets and what not. What you do there, you do here. Don’t go around with valuables. Be vigilant, watch your surroundings and be careful. Don’t go to places you’re unsure of by yourself. Research well about your destination. Don’t follow strangers. Basic common sense. Don’t travel late at night if you can avoid it.

We have a section on the site that gives tips and every review tries to say how to dress for each location. Also respect culture and tradition.I have been to a couple of places – Kaduna, Ogun, Osun, Abuja, Ondo & Akwa Ibom and I can confidently say I’ve never felt in danger. Hesitant perhaps, but not any different from if I was visiting a new country.

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