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TEAM | MyWeku Tastes


Nii Thompson – The Restauranteur


When I’m not getting on with my socially responsible 9-5 job, I am usually busy daydreaming about all the wonderful places i’d like to visit. Travelling for me revolves around food and all that goes with food. Sharing my travel and food stories once got me a documentary gig with the BBC gallivanting around Brixton, South London, talking about African food.

My obsession with food led me to a BSc degree at Wye College, University of London, a college that specialised in agriculture and food management. I hanged out with some pretty cool farmers and British aristocrats and ended up spending a summer hay baling and constructing fences in Sittibourne, Kent, in England on a large farm.

As if that wasn’t enough I hauled myself through an MSc in International Marketing at Leeds University Business School, where my dissertation on “foot and mouth disease in cows and the disease’s impact on meat sales in UK supermarkets”, was hurriedly put together in Dakar, Bangladesh amidst some great curries and mango lassi. Born in Accra, Ghana, I consider good ‘ole London home, the sugar in my coffee if you like and the spring board to exploring the world. When I’m not writing, photographing (mostly street photography) or trying out new recipes, I am helping to market some pretty cool spices and still working on building that restaurant in Accra!

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Princess Pappoe – The food Taster 

10 incredible things to do in LisbonMy name is Princess Pappoe, but you can call me Naa. I am an alumni of Tema International School, Ghana and Brunel University, UK, where I graduated in BSc Economics and Business Finance. I now work in retail banking for one of the big four clearing banks in the UK, in the greatest food city in the world – London. I love traveling and discovering the world’s cuisines. Jesus is my best friend and He told me I have strong taste buds for a reason. Growing up with a caterer as my mum meant waking up to the smell of spices wafting around my nostrils. Her signature jollof rice is legendary in Accra and my oven-baked version is just as great! Perfecting my already sensitive senses came naturally and now, so does my food tasting odysseys around the world.

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Ekpo Ezechinyere – Dr Swag

MyWeku Tastes Team


I am a medical Doctor by training and a writer by passion. Enamoured with books, I spend hours poring and boring into different ones across all genres. Books form vehicles on which I travel to places unimagined. I love making friends and interacting with people. I love words, I could eat words or live in a house built from them. Movies, music, sports are also some of my favourite indulgences through which I access other worlds beyond the earthly. Seeing the world is a consuming passion, a persistent itch which I have barely scratched. The Bible is a book full of stories and I love painting these stories in a modern, relevant way and also bringing them from different creative perspectives. I blog at ekpoeze and reside in Lagos, Nigeria.




Evans Osei-Wiafe – The Kelewele kingpin

MyWeku tastes EvansOn most days, I’d prefer to be called Kofi. I’m a twenty-something millennial upbeat about the church, entrepreneurship and ministry among young people. Growing up in a home where we had the freedom to experiment with food and eat in a community setting, I got to love experiences revolving around food, people and laughter. I love reading books, drinking coffee and meeting new people. I blog at Evanhaim and Kofi Kraftmen where I share my opinions on life whilst throwing in an occasional poem and short story now and again. I graduated from the venerable Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. I currently mentor basic school pupils in an after-school programme known as Butterfly Effect, a curriculum design startup that personalises educational experiences to suit individual interests, passions and ambitions. I cofounded Kraftsmen, a media company which provides photography, branding and marketing services in Accra, Ghana and beyond. I aspire to enter the tech space and introduce disruptive technologies into the education and health sectors of developing economies. I am currently undertaking a project, here at MyWeku Tastes, to document interesting things for travellers to do in Accra, where I currently live. I dream of travelling the world to experience new cultures and make my contribution to building a better world.

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Immaculata Nneoma Abba

profile pictureGhana's Shito_My name is Immaculata Nneoma Abba and I just completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) at a United World College in the UK. When I am not in school, I am living in Enugu, Nigeria and at all times, school or not, I am virtually present in Lagos.

I am really just so full of love and enthusiasm for life and its different forms of expressions such as music, language, food, design, art, etc. Just like Anis Mojgani said “I dream too much and I don’t write enough and I’m trying to find God everywhere.”

For me, every day is an opportunity to uncover what other ways of living and knowing there may be in this world. As such, my interests are scattered all over the place and I’m not in a hurry to tidy them up because I have youth and curiosity on my side. Nonetheless, food, travel and photography hold very special places in my heart and I’m looking forward to exploring all three elements on their own and my relationship with all three, here on MyWeku Tastes.

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David TamseyThe Mind Tracer

David TamseyHow much power does art have? How much impact can art have? Those are questions that probe my mind day in and day out. I’m a photographer, songwriter, singer, pianist, guitarist, and writer who wants to use art as a tool for impact. I’m interested in the life of artists, their thought processes, their experiences, their stories, inspirations and even depressions. I think I have the right questions to ask, to let out the right responses from other artists. That’s why I’m here on MyWekuTastes, to interview, to profile, and share the lives of artists, especially photographers.

I loved technology well enough to pursue a 4 year degree program in Computer Science, but over time, art has come to subvert every other passion of mine.

I currently live in Accra, working as a Worship Arts Creative Coordinator in a church. I love to travel when I have the time, means, and opportunity. My goal is to visit every single country in West Africa before 2019 – I’m half way through on that project. I’m hoping to explore the Eastern and Southern parts of Africa as well. I’ll share my stories with you when I do.

Enjoy every content I create, and make sure you grab some motivation for creativity from them.


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