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Tastewithprinny’s Low Carb Diet | MyWeku Tastes
Tastewithprinny’s Low Carb Diet

Tastewithprinny’s Low Carb Diet

First week into August, weather is finally picking up, ice cream vans are showing up and Londoners are smiling on their morning commute and then it happens….You finally realise that your stomach is showing up along with the sun. What is going to happen to the summer crop tops piled up in your wardrobe? And the bikini for the beach in Barcelona? Okay! Fine! The ladies can relate.

This is how I felt two weeks ago, I kept eating bigger portions, craving highly starchy food and to be honest, I just felt unhealthy. I knew what the problem was; all that bread, rice, pasta, fries had come back to haunt me. I could see them oozing out from my waist and shaking every time I shook my hands and standing in my cheeks messing up my perfect selfie. Okay, I’m exaggerating but, you get my point. The time was up, it was a classic moment of “desperate times, desperate measures”. I had to do something about it! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you “Tastewithprinny’s Low Carb Diet.”

So I’m not here to tell you carbohydrates are unhealthy because that is flat out untrue. As a matter of fact carbohydrates are found in most fruits and vegetables. Last time I checked, broccoli was healthy. What makes the difference, however, is the level of calories, refined carbohydrates have added sugar and consuming too much of bread, cereal and processed rice could cause health problems. “Low Carb” meals like vegetables and fruits, however, are highly nutritious.

The Low carb diet was, therefore, my way of controlling how much I eat, losing that stomach fat and feeling better. What I love about my low carb diet is that, it’s hardcore for 6 days and you get to pick a cheat day during the week. It’s fun because you can snap chat your journey or Instagram and share your portions with friends. You get to play around with your breakfast and lunch meals but have fixed dinner recipes to keep you guarded.

Rule Number One: No bread or rice! This is not negotiable. Breakfast can be anything from omelettes to bacon and eggs to yoghurt to vegetables to berries. Just have fun with it and add your own twist. I suggest you have your 6 day dinner recipe in advance just so that you are not tempted after a rough day to just stick to pasta.
This is what our recommended one week low carb diet for dinner looks like and we hope you give it a try.

Dinner Recipe: “Tastewithprinny’s Low Carb Diet.”

Day 1: Stewed lamb chops with spicy vegetables

Tastewithprinny's Low Carb Diet
Day 2: Vegetable stir fry with barbecue chicken

Tastewithprinny's Low Carb Diet
Day 3: Soy vegetables with buttered mackerel

Tastewithprinny's Low Carb Diet
Day 4: Cheese and sausage omelette with tomato salad

Tastewithprinny's Low Carb Diet
Day 5: Meatballs with grilled corn on the cob
Day 6: Pork Chops with carrots and cucumber
Day 7: Cheat Sunday!!! Go wild

I’m definitely no food expert but this helped me control my food portions and my waist is looking pretty slim! YAS! Some of my snap chat followers were inspired and I hope this gets them started. Looking forward to all the pictures.

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