Suya can be much more especially on domedo (roast pork belly)

Suya can be much more especially on domedo (roast pork belly)

Suya can be much more especially on domedo (roast pork belly)
The suya spice mix or (chinchinga spice) originates from areas in West Africa, notably Nigeria, where eating of pork is forbidden for religious reasons. The suya spice, therefore, has always traditionally been used to flavour a select group of meats, notably goat and beef. The spice mix with groundnut as its main ingredient is by far the most popular barbecue spice mix across West Africa.

What is not common, however, as has been alluded to is its use on pork. Today, we will be using Ghana’s domedo roast pork grilling technique. A technique that is fully explained here – Ghana domedo. The attraction to pork belly is not dissimilar to the reasons why they tend to be popular in Asian and American cuisine. Lots of flavour and no bones! With a luscious and juicy inside and plenty of stewed suya around it, this is as delicious as any suya spiced meat. Paired with fried yam, it is delicious as it is easy to make. A luxurious and economical dinner party classic.

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Chichinga (suya) spiced roast pork belly domedo

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