Suya pork noodles soup

Suya pork noodles soup

Suya pork noodles soup

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March 31, 2016

Suya pork noodles soup 0 5 0

This is a dish for the left over purist. with the exception of a few vegetables and the noodles, every thing else including the stock for the soup and the roast pork domedo splices all came from the dish "Chichinga (suya) spiced roast pork belly domedo" featured on our blog.

Suya pork noodles soup


I pack indomie or ramen noodles

Left over pieces of suya spiced roast pork belly domedo

3 cups left over stock from suya pork belly domedo roast

2-4 mushrooms

1 boiled egg

Left over spinach

Spices of your choice (optional)

Assorted vegetables of your choice


1The suya pork stock is from mixing water with the remnants of left over sauce from roasting the pork belly.

2Boil the mixed sauce and water stock for 15-20 minutes adding salt, pepper and other spices of your choice to taste.

3Add the mushroom to the boiling soup and spinach

4Reduce heat and leave to simmer after 15-20 minutes especially when the pork fat comes to the top of the soup.

5Boil the egg.

6Boil the indomie or ramen noodles as per instructions on the packaging

7Drain and put the noodles into a bowl

8Add the soup to the bowl of noodles

9Add the left over pork domedo, vegetables and boiled egg

10serve immediately


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