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Onward MyWeku Soldiers….. | MyWeku Tastes
Onward MyWeku Soldiers…..

Onward MyWeku Soldiers…..

It is almost harmattan season in Accra, a season characterised by dry, dusty north-easterly wind that blows from the North African desert onto the West African coast, occurring from December to February. In the midst of all that dust that envelopes Accra during this period, we are trying to create an oasis of dustless beauty right in the middle of it. The pergola stone cladding and grounds stone cladding, I understand will take 8 weeks to complete. 1 week in and the cladding is beginning to come into its own.

Onward MyWeku Soldiers…..

Onward MyWeku Soldiers…..

Away from all things building, I was struck by the interest a friend shown in an innocuous video I sent out having received it from someone else myself. To be honest I send some things out hardly expecting that folks will find the time to watch/read it just as I struggle to look at everything that drops into my mailbox or whatsup timeline. This incidentally was a video of an interview that featured Bishop TD Jakes. Entitled “How to build your vision from the ground up”, I actually did find time to watch it. It wasn’t so much of an eye opener or a revelation, but it clearly insightful for me and for my friend it had an impact. Not only did he watch it but made notes (below) which he hoped to delve into further.

Hi Nii. I watched video. Very interesting and inspirational. Several points stood out.
1. Seeds are given to you as child that can be fertilized and grown.
2. God gives trees not tables/chairs.
3. Using our minds = humans strength is not unimportant
4. You need to give up certain things (sacrifice) to achieve.
5.Don’t underestimate the strength of pull of past behaviour and the thrust needed to get away from that pull, take off and soar.
6. Be resilient in ignoring criticism.
7. Rhythm of life and timing/conditions is important. ie Kentucky chicken example.
8. Offering a service that is needed so that you don’t need to sell so hard!
9. Doing it when young enough! Devour in morning and share in evening. (Genesis 49:27)
10. Don’t be frustrated and stationary when you should be moving.
What else stood out for you?
I know that my biggest weakness is hesitation.
My strength is working hard and doing a good job/honestly which customers etc. I think at my stage in life a business partner/s who have the attributes I am not so good at would be wise. I.e. more bold/less hesitant.
What do you think?

As I read his comments about what he took from the interview, I couldn’t help but think that the real value in each of us (entrepreneurial or not) are the God given traits, talents, gifts that we possess. Like anything else these can be hidden but when unleashed and the timing is right can propel you to heights you couldn’t possibly imagine. Today, we are literally busy cladding the grounds of the seating area of MyWeku with stones. The grounds are important. They represent our foundation but the ultimate driver is our vision and the extent of our success is strongly linked to pretty much everything TD Jakes talked about in the video.

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