Kontomire and mushroom egg bake

Kontomire and mushroom egg bake

Kontomire and mushroom egg bake

Now for those not familiar with Kontomire, spinach might be the more familiar name you perhaps know it by. In our popular Kontomire stew with yam recipe, we delve into the cultural origins and significance of the Kontomire leaf. It’s culinary versatility in our view has been whoefully under explored.

This is a plant rich in iron, low in carb and to top it all it is gluten free. In areas of the world where the importance of the plant is celebrated, it is often said to replenish spent energy as well as promote vitality.

I, like most folks from Ghana, use Kontomire for cooking Kontomire stew. However, what does one do with left over Kontomire leaves not quiet enough to make into a stew, but enough to make your stomach churn if you have to bin it?

The answer, or at least the one I came up with, was to combine the leaves with some left over mushrooms into an egg bake. Spinach egg bake isn’t, it has to be said, a discovery worth a Nobel prize. Certainly not, but in Ghana it is a twist on Kontomire leaves that will get a couple of eye brows rising like self-raising flour. Necessity as they say is the mother of all inventions or twists in this case.

Within 15 minutes, from start to finish, the various leftovers, had been transformed into a rather healthy and flavourful egg bake. The flavours of the mushroom, kontomire and for once the use of west Africa’s maggi cube had turned a basic meal into one that is now a regular dish for me. I often use natural spices instead of maggi, so feel free to experiment. The maggi it has to be noted will make the egg bake dark.

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One of the best things about this kontomire egg bake is it’s sheer convenience. Once all ingredients are sautéed and mixed into the egg all that remains is pre-heating the oven and just popping the mixture in a baking bowl in the oven whilst you get on with other things. It couldn’t be easier.

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