GERRARA here, this is African food!

GERRARA here, this is African food!

This week a statement from an interview with a foopreneur which went like this, got us thinking:

Because my thing is look, you are trying sushi, you’re calling it sushi, you are eating sushi and you are loving sushi. Why can’t you call my kontomire stew kontomire stew and love kontomire stew and just let it be kontomire stew. Why do you want to change its name to spinach leaves, blah blah blah… Why? (laughs)

🙂 Why indeed! Non-purists would argue that for African food to get a bit of traction outside the continent to become the next Chinese or Indian curry then perhaps a little “creativity” in the names we give to out traditional meals wouldn’t go amiss. As someone quite rightly said, try going to your nearest kulikuli (number 1 below) seller and telling them you’d like to buy some peanut bars and you’d probably end up going hungry.


Purists on the other hand will forever call their African dishes as their forebears before them did before the English language inserted itself into Africa. And if anyone is brave enough to ask them why or try to shove any of the above English “equivalents” down their throat they shall most likely tell you to GERRARA here then send them you a link of the video below to watch.

Our take on this is: We wanna tell you somehhhhhm, man !!!! don’t be EP (aka enemy of progress) – don’t invite heat rashes, dustin powder don increase o!! You know’we saying! Just because we are prettier than sun weather does not mean we have to give funny names to our African food.

For more on these characters see below.

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