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Food delivery in 2025 Ghana | MyWeku Tastes
Food delivery in 2025 Ghana

Food delivery in 2025 Ghana

Food delivery in 2025 GhanaAbey has had a tough day at work. It is now getting up to 7 pm and all she could think about is whipping out her smart phone to order her favourite meal online. She selects her food then continues to see what dessert and drink she might add to her shopping cart. She does all this without a single phone call, without having to expend her energy and fuel to pick up her food at the restaurant. She switches on her TV to catch up with the day’s news and takes a shower later to unwind. Barely 45 minutes later, a courteous delivery rider on a skinny motorbike with a rather large box affixed to the rear arrives at her door. Abey smiles and hurriedly gets to the door to collect her food. Welcome to 2025 Ghana where the notion of what was normal in ordering food had been completely disrupted.

Gone were the days when one had to trek for miles in snail paced traffic to pick up some food at your favourite eatery. Welcome to 2025 where “kitchens” such as Weku Kitchens not “eateries” are the norm. Where the presence of ugly restaurant plastic chairs haphazardly arranged with super slow and unresponsive waiting staff was the norm, today there is collective scurrying. Delivery drivers emerge from dedicated food delivery kitchens to get on their bicycles and branded motor bikes in record time knowing that they have to get orders to customers within a pretty tight delivery time slot. This is food after all and no kitchen will survive serving hot food cold!

For Abey she feels likes a winner. Too exhausted to cook, too smart to get herself stuck in traffic to pick up ordered food, she has been done a huge favour. As she tucks into her meal and fiddles with her phone trying to catch up with “happenings” on social media, she can’t help but think about how her world has changed. What she doesn’t perhaps give a thought to is how that same world has changed for all the people who contributed in making and getting her food to her. The online restaurant or kitchen that cooked her meal has no “front of house” staff – no waiters, no receptionist or greeters. In fact not a single Cedi has been spent on furniture or décor. Every bit of capital has gone into equipping the kitchen to make life easier for the chefs and cooks. The youth craving a few GH cedis as pocket money to supplement his or her stint in school now has the chance to partake in this new economy delivering food to earn that money. Abey and countless other professionals doing their bit to finally push a much maligned and criticised continent into greatness now have the chance to enjoy restaurant quality meals in the comfort of their homes! At long last the entrepreneur and office worker can worry less about the logistics of eating into their much needed brainstorming time by having their meals delivered to their office.

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