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Easy creamy Rice Water Porridge from Ghana | MyWeku Tastes
Easy creamy Rice Water Porridge from Ghana

Easy creamy Rice Water Porridge from Ghana

Easy creamy Rice Water Porridge from Ghana

Call it what you may, rice pudding, rice porridge or even congee. In Ghana there is only one name for it and that name is rice water. Perhaps the perfect description for a hearty meal that has only two ingredients in its basic form. Rice and Water. Growing up, rice water porridge was a favourite as a breakfast meal. My generation had the privilege of having our rice water with the ubiquitous evaporated milk with plenty of sugar which gave rice water a very creamy and rich flavour.

Easy creamy Rice Water Porridge from Ghana

Ghana’s rice water is somewhat unique in its preparation. The rice, regardless of which variety is used, is often mushed a little by pressing the grains against the sides of the pot to break them down. Unlike an average Western type rice pudding, Ghana’s rice water is more watery. Like The famous Tom Brown porridge  rice water is especially beloved by the young and elderly and most like me who don’t fall into either category. It is indeed a special breakfast which may have been birthed out of need. A small amount of rice when made into rice water feeds more mouths at less cost than the typical Ghanaian rice staple of rice and stew. It’s not uncommon to prepare rice water with one part rice to ten parts water, flavoring the porridge with whatever remains in the pantry, essentially feeding a family with a cup of rice.

Ghana is now an economically strong country with a culinary culture that is making waves globally. Rice water porridge is now being jazzed up, integrated and fused with toppings that have their roots from both across Africa and outside Africa. On the breakfast recipe section, we share some of our creative ways in which you can add fruits, nuts, seeds, honey and syrups as well as spices such as cinnamon, cocoa powder and vanilla to your rice water porridge.

In the meantime the link below provides the foundational recipe on how you can make your own basic and traditional Ghana rice water porridge.

Click to get the recipe for Rice Water porridge

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    […] This rice water porridge will provide you with a multi-sensory extravaganza that will revolutionise Ghana’s rice water porridge as we know it. As great as the traditional rice water porridge I grew up with is, it can look a bit sad, limp and grey. Colour and vibrancy is what does it for me first thing in the morning when I have to tuck into my breakfast. If like me the real world for you requires running around (hopefully not entirely like a headless chicken), thinking on your feet and staying sane enough in a very insane world to survive much less flourish then you need this. Start by following the recipe here – easy creamy Ghana rice water. […]

  2. Rice water porridge with stewed berries | MyWeku Tastes

    […] As I got closer to the fruits and berries stalls links began to connect in my head. I had planned to make rice water porridge the next day. I had also been invited to a wedding that afternoon so I knew the rice water would be the perfect of choices. After all this was an African wedding and trust me you don’t go to those having drank a cup of tea with a scone. Besides I had organised a dinner in a local Nigerian restaurant for the groom to be and a few guys which was great but, we ended up waiting for 2 hours for our meal! I was wary of revenge so I had to play safe. I needed breakfast that will be heavy enough but, not too heavy that I couldn’t do justice to the wedding meal. Ghana’s famous rice water porridge fit the bill perfectly. […]

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