Diary of a MyWeku Restaurant: The Architectural Whatnots

Diary of MyWeku Restaurant: The Architectural Whatnots

Diary of a MyWeku Restaurant: The Architectural Whatnots

Not the real Plan

Now my idea of building has been shattered and completely twisted by force. I have a lot more respect for any structure – even a hut – than I ever did. I knew every building, for instance needs a foundation, but my goodness, a foundation in itself seems like a building on its own right. I mean, you have to do soil tests, calculate all sorts of things to do with the hight and weight of a building before you tackle that “mere” foundation.

Not that I attempted any of these myself! My colleague at work (I know there was a reason God led me into a job surrounded by a fair number of building experts!), Richmond, agreed to help me design the restaurant. This was after an Architect I had been introduced to proved to be less than satisfactory and I thought, well, with a pen and paper anything could be possible. Foolhardy or an ingenious leap of faith? Time will tell.

Richmond and I spent about two months designing every intricate bit of the restaurant only to find out when the design got to Ghana that the physical location of the building went against the natural east/west or was it north/south flow of the wind? In any case a famous Accra restaurant, Bread and Wine were in the news for possibly folding because because their electricity bills had now gone up to 7000 Euros a month! That was fear enough to make sure the location of the restaurant building took advantage of every bit of natural ventilation even if it was as small as my breadth! This was no time to be thinking air-condition! We quickly went back to the drawing board and incredibly as the man who looks after me upstairs will have it, the movement of the structure to take advantage of optimum natural ventilation and airflow resulted in enough space being created to fit what i’m told could be a mini 8-10 car park space. VICTORY!

Illustration plan via eefurnish

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