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Accra Series: Lunch at Accra’s Bistro 22 | MyWeku Tastes
Lunch at Accra’s Bistro 22

Accra Series: Lunch at Accra’s Bistro 22

Lunch at Accra's Bistro 22 I get so excited when a new restaurant pops up in my home city. To be honest this new trend of “foodpreneurs” flooding Accra with interesting and trendy places to eat deserves more attention than it’s getting. In places like London, New York and other big cities, eating out is such a popular newsworthy phenomenon that sets the scene for socialising. I remember the good old days of Steers, Bus Stop and Frankie’s. These early eateries played such an important role for my generation in rescuing Accra’s inhabitants from socialising in hotel lobbies and restaurants to socialising to fully dedicated purpose built restaurants.

Now, in Accra, there are so many options that a two week holiday may not actually be enough to visit even a third of the newest restaurants. Having said that, lunch at Bistro 22 was on the top part of my “must do” list. The fact that I had still not been to this highly recommended venue after more than 2 holidays in Accra was getting embarrassing. This time round I jumped at the first opportunity to choose this cozy venue for a client meeting on a sunny Friday afternoon and I am convinced it served its purpose well.

Bistro 22 is located right on the main Labone road and even though it is not the only restaurant in that locality, it is definitely the only one if its kind. Parking in Accra isn’t as stressful as congested London but to have an actual parking area with security is always a plus and that’s the first thing that sets this restaurant apart. Bistro 22 is located in what looks like an old house that was once inhabited by an older lady who needed a garden in front of her house to pass the time planting flowering plants. I hope you get the picture. The big glass windows allows the sun to effortlessly brighten the cemented floor and dull wooden chairs.
Lunch at Accra's Bistro 22Even though Bistro 22 has a very relaxed atmosphere, it maintains its classy feel with decorated wooden furniture, a collection of wine carefully displayed and a relatively calm bar area. Bistro 22 is the perfect venue for a meeting with a client. I haven’t forgotten about the food, the real reason I went there.Accra Series: Lunch at Accra's Bistro 22
I had the satay chicken which usually comes with steamed rice but asked for the coconut rice instead. It was accompanied by the tastiest peanut sauce I have ever had. Not too thick, not too spicy but just right to go.Accra Series: Lunch at Accra's Bistro 22 Accra Series: Lunch at Accra's Bistro 22
As this was a client meeting I couldn’t go wild with pictures so I entreat you to go and experience Bistro 22 for yourself. The service was exactly what I expected, very swift, attentive waitress and tasty food. What more could one ask for?
Photo (1&2) Courtesy: Hip Africa

Address: 22 Ndabaningi Sithole Rd, Accra, Ghana

Hours: Open today · 12pm–12am

Phone: +233 50 826 2222

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