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A Day Trip to Ada’s Aqua Safari | MyWeku Tastes
A Day Trip to Ada’s Aqua Safari

A Day Trip to Ada’s Aqua Safari

A Day Trip to Ada's Aqua Safari
And we are back! Guess what? My Chief editor has actually commended me on the Accra Series so there’s no stopping “tastewithprinny” now except this post doesn’t actually focus on Accra. Let’s get into it anyway so I don’t mess up the surprise like I always do. Haha!

Fun fact about me; my middle name is “Naa Adukwei”. So what does that have to do with this post? I heard you ask. Well it means I’m from the Ga tribe in the Greater Accra Region in Ghana. Just stay with me, I’m taking you somewhere. There’s a popular saying about this group of fun, loud, confident people and it’s that we don’t like travelling out of Accra. Well if your so called home town is actually the capital of your nation, why else would you want to travel to other towns and cities which are almost always not as great as Accra. However, I do know deep down though that it’s great to see other beautiful landscapes, learn about other cultures and ofcourse indulge your tastebuds with food from other tribal areas. I will, therefore, be the first to admit that apart from the primary school trips here and there, I haven’t really explored my country and that’s not something I’m proud of. After visiting over 15 cities in Europe alone, I felt it was important to travel outside Accra. Don’t get excited yet because where I’m taking you to is only a 2 hour drive from Accra. Hey! Baby steps right? Ladies and Gentlemen say hello to Ada. Before we get into the post, let’s get a few details out of the way. This post will be a dialogue with myself highlighting the thought process that went into choosing our getaway location and then sharing my feedback about it. Ready? Let’s get talking

Princess: Why Ada?
Adukwei: Well, it’s a safe option baring in mind I leave Ghana in a few days, I couldn’t afford to take more than a day out to travel. I’ve been to Ada before so I’m quite familiar with the route and didn’t plan on getting lost with my older sister behind the wheel.

Princess: So can you finally tell us where exactly you spent the day?
Adukwei: HAHA! Of course! It’s not a secret

Princess: You still haven’t told us
Adukwei: Keep your hair on! Aqua Safari Resort. When you live in London you actually get tired of seeing beautiful images of all the amazing places in Ghana being enjoyed by Ghanaians. It makes you feel like a foreigner which trust me isn’t a great feeling.

Princess: Why Aqua Safari Resort?
Adukwei: Well, no one still knows what happened to Manet Paradise and they are clearly not bothered enough to take down their sign boards. Treasure Island which is a new resort appears to be a private one where you need to know someone who knows someone who also knows someone. So Aqua Safari took my cedis for the day 

Princess: How was the journey
Adukwei: Well, after the Tema Motorway it takes about 1:30mins to get there. I’m pretty sure with all the run down taxis overtaking us it could be shorter. It was refreshing to see signs that indicated how long we had to go till our destination

Princess: What were your first impressions?
Adukwei: Get ready to laugh. I remember making my way to the entrance of the resort admiring the beautiful horses only to see, a male horse jump on a female horse as if he owned her. It was such a funny sight because they were clearly not as amazed about our beauty as we were about theirs and decided to completely misbehave. Other than that, I loved it. The wooden architecture created an atmosphere of authenticity. Everyone we came across smiled and welcomes us with open arms. I suggest you select a weekday to avoid the weekend crowd.
A Day Trip to Ada's Aqua Safari
Princess: How did you plan to spend the day?
Adukwei: Well, the intention was to start with a boat tour of beautiful Ada, have lunch and relaxing at the pool. It, however, turns out the pool was unavailable on the day. Not welcome news to the start of our trip. To make matters worse we were told they will have it up and running but that never happened either. I hate empty promises.

Princess: What was the most memorable thing about The Aqua Safari Resort?
Adukwei: The boat ride. Since we were only 5, it was spacious and comfortable. I believe there’s a bigger boat for a larger team. The waves, the smell, the young children playing by the river….it felt like a chapter from Anita Desai’s “Village By The Sea”. The fact that we could take drinks on was definitely a plus. The views were amazing! I suggest you take the 30 minute ride, anything longer gets monotonous.

Princess: How was lunch?
Adukwei: Interesting! Initially the kitchen had decided on running an A La Carte menu for the day. The menu was tempting but the prices not so much. The buffet was reasonable at 80 cedis per head. Luckily, a group of British nationals stormed the resort shortly after our arrival enticing the kitchen to set up the buffet as it made business sense. Thank Goodness! I enjoyed the goat peanut soup, it was delicious with tender goat meat and spicy flavours warming up my tastebuds. I wish there were more options like jollof or fried rice. The gateau and cakes from the dessert section tasted dry and “flat” but the fruits were ripe and sweet. Not sure why we had to pay separately for water at a buffet. Come on Aqua Safari, you can do better. I remember spying a plate of jollof being served to one of the guests and regretting my decision to go for the buffet. Well, I know what to do next time.

Princess: Any comments about the service?
Adukwei: Inconsistent. First you have an enthusiastic pool engineer telling you the swimming pool will be ready in no time and then you have a manager apologising for the inconvenience and promising you free pictures as compensation. I’m not sure how different the pictures from my sisters iPhone 7 would have been from his. I’m not even sure how that makes me feel better. Then you have the usual over staffed areas with colleagues talking amongst themselves and ignoring their guests. Service was a bit too slow for such a reputable resort. I expected better.

Princess: Conclusion?
Adukwei: I will definitely go back to the Aqua Safari resort as it could be just one of their less glorious days. Next time, I will prefer to sleep over to take in all the moments and not rush the experience. I can’t forget looking at my feet in the river, the silence and peace is absolutely precious.
A Day Trip to Ada's Aqua Safari
If you’ve been to the Aqua Safari, tell us about your experience.

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  1. Anon

    I agree that it is a beautiful place, BUT

    On the nights I stayed, there was a funeral next to the hotel. In Ghana, a funeral means ear-bleedingly loud music for 10 hours straight. Walls shaking for kilometers nearby.

    There are noise laws in Ghana but the hotel refused to even consider calling the police.

    Eventually there will be a time when paying customer will not go to this or any other hotel does not care if guests can sleep or not.

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