Yam Pottage

Yam Pottage

The first time I tasted yam pottage was when my Nigerian colleague introduced me to Tomi’s Kitchen, a Nigerian restaurant. Tommy’s Kitchen, 6 morning lane, is a stone’s throw away from London’s 115 year old, Hackney Empire and close to Hackney Town Hall.

Yam Pottage became a mini obsession. It replaced local sandwiches as my lunch time takeaway for a while.  I often had mine with fish and a very hot Nigerian sauce called Ayamase. It also made for a decorational piece on an untidy desk!

Making this meal was easy. 2 others who had never had it joined me to partake in my first home cooked yam pottage meal and became instantly hooked. I have written about the versatility of yam before. This meal is one more addition to the plethora of yam based dishes across Africa.

yam pottage 2

Chopped Yam and Cray Fish

yam pottage 1

Yam in blended mixture

Yam pottage Nigeria

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