Will the world be hungry for Fonio soon?

Fonio, the so called African super grain is not that new to me but to the vast majority of the world it probably is. Fonio has been compared to Quinoa the latest super food to take the world by storm – well the Western world. My source of interest in Fonio though is that it originates from Africa, Senagal, to be specific and its biggest proponent is Africa’s most notable chef, Pierre Thiam.

I keep telling anyone who’d listen that one of the biggest demographic shifts is happening right down our noses but very few people seem to know about it. A few decades ago Africans made up a tiny percentage of world population, however, that is rapidly changing and will eventually, in a few decades, culminate in the majority of the earth’s inhabitants being African.

This dramatic change inevitably comes with responsibilities, least of which is producing enough food to feed a whole lot more Africans. I take notice, therefore, of anyone who talks incessantly about industrial scale food production on the continent. One such person is Chef Pierre Thiam. Yolele, a company co-founded by Chef Pierre Thiam is trying to bring Fonio out of obscurity into the main stream in anticipation of what is to come. Fonio is glutten free and it has a neutral taste like white rice. Its said to be a good base for baking products such as bread, crackers and biscuits.

In the video above Pierre Thiam make the case for Fonio, one that Africans can ill afford to ignore, we believe.

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