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When seeing in Green means Go | MyWeku Tastes
Photo of the Week: Green

When seeing in Green means Go


Green means Go - mywekutastes.com

Like lots of people I know I am increasingly beginning to see things in Green.

Eat more Green. Travel to see more Green. Think more about commuting and gallivanting on Green. Notice more when my food packaging does not pass the Green test. Put pen to paper about Green initiatives more often. The list is endless.

Green is the colour of new beginnings. The colour of growth. The colour that is accompanied by a thumbs up. The colour that reminds me of nature. The colour that instructs us to go! The colour of health – fruits and vegetables.

I have no beef with Green.

On the contrary I love Green. I have even voted for Green for a party that promises a Green revolution.  

However, as a great man simply called Paul, once stated…….

“I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I DO NOT DO, but what I hate I do.”

Therein lies my conundrum with Green.

I would like to recycle the plastic and glass containers I use, but I DO NOT DO. I would like to include all sorts of green vegetables in my meals, but I DO NOT DO. I would like to switch every unused appliance off at the mains when not in use, but I DO NOT DO. I would like to limit my exposure to food touched by pesticides and use more organic produce, but I DO NOT DO.

In my sphere, food is where my thoughts on Green tend to be more concentrated. It is the area in which I see Green most vividly and it is the area that seeing Green must now mean GO! 

What is the colour of your diet? 

Mine fluctuates between Red, Amber and Green. Stop, Getting Ready  and Go. My Red is inhabited by dishes like Red Red and Tatale. Amber is my comfort zone, but as close as it is to Green it is still not Green. Only Green can proudly boast of movement. Red and Amber cannot.

Allow me to point you in the direction of  some Green. 

Healthy eating Greens

5 folks from around the world who either with a single post or an entire blog can help move you on from Red to Amber and hopefully to Green!

There are after all 73 shades of Green, so expect some variations in shades. However, what they all have in common is to help you change the colour of your diet in a fun and painless way that will help you and I enjoy our culinary adventures for many more years to come.
ronke idoho

Recipes for Healthy Nigerian dishes by Ronke Edoho  (Nigeria)

African pot nutrition

The African Pot Nutrition by Cordialis Chipo (Zimbabwe)

Healthy African foods

Anthony Kahonge Mwangi Healthy Living Kenya (Kenya)


Ella Woodward – Deliciously Ella (UK)


Sanura Weathers – My life runs on food (USA)

Enjoy and always remember.

“The greatest wealth is Health.”

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