Watch Uganda boxer Kakembo complain after defeat by Ghana’s Dogboe: “Ghana food is full of pepper!”

“It was a nice fight but as you know, since I came I’ve not been eating well. The food is full of pepper! So I’ve not eaten. I don’t know, [because] I don’t eat pepper!”

Part of me empathises a little bit with Edward Kakembo’s humiliating defeat in Accra. This was his first career loss so it must have irked. While the Ghanaian Isaac Dogboe retained his WBO African Featherweight title in style it seemed food, well, more specifically Ghana’s love for pepper took centre stage.

Was it the shito hot pepper sauce that Kakembo disliked or Ghana’s light soup (pepper soup) which scientists now claim will save your life ? 🙂 At the risk of causing a mini inter-regional war, I must admit Ghanaian food and West African food in general does burn.

Pepper is an important and somewhat essential ingredient in almost every stew, sauce and soup. Ghanaian palates are used to it. You are initiated into this “pepperdom” from childhood and grow up wondering why the rest of the world enjoys “bland” pepper-less food.

It seemed the pepper food trap was cunningly set for Kakembo while he focused his attention on telling the world how he’d chain Dogboe (Dog-boe). Part of me feels sad for Kakembo. This is after all the man who claimed before the bout, that “a woman will get pregnant after getting a stare from him.” 🙂 Such a charming warrior floored by the simple pepper.

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