Watch Chef Tunde Wey promote Nigerian Food across America

I like this guy! He has, as we say in West Africa, a “do or die” attitude to his mission. That mission is to introduce and promote Nigerian food to those not in the know yet. His honesty as he described how punters reacted to his food was refreshing. Some he said “screwed their face” if they didn’t like it.

Chef Tunde Wey has garnered a lot of publicity in the USA as he travels from city to city taking his “spice bag”, which he compares to a Doctor’s medicine bag, with him.

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    […] Chef Tunde Wey seems like a jovial, charming and somewhat philosophical man, but above all that he is incredibly serious about Nigerian food. His sojourn in food came to the fore when he co-founded a restaurant called Revolver in Detroit. This then led to an important time in his journey when his focus revolved more around promoting Nigerian food through pop-ups, as we featured here – Watch Chef Tunde Wey promote Nigerian food. […]

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