Watch Anthony Bourdain explore South African cuisine

Watch Anthony Bourdain explore South African cuisine

There hasn’t been many world figures as revered as Nelson Mandela, but the question is what happens next?

A classic quote from Anthony Bourdain’s recent foray into South Africa. This visit veers away, frequently, from food into politics, history and socio-economics. I wonder if any commentary on South Africa  could ever avoid the context in which this country was created and re-born. Anthony Bourdain starts his exploration of all things South African food at Mawiles Inn a typical South African “eat house” where locals gather to eat whilst they watch football in Johannesburg the power house of South Africa’s economy. Smileys or fire roasted sheep’s head was what he had.

Perhaps my favourite bit of this episode is the “gastronomic smuggling” of the self taught South African Chef who goes round learning from various groups of immigrants from Nigeria to Congo and incorporating their recipes into what he offers in his own cook shop.

What struck me and perhaps did strike Anthony as odd was that there was nothing intrinsically authentic about South African food as perhaps there is about West African cuisine. South Africa is a mish mash of cultures and that is reflected in the cuisine.

Overall a good and informative episode that not only focuses on food but, garners comments from South Africans about where they think their country is headed to post Nelson Mandela and the reality of the “born free” twitter generation.

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