Wall art installation at Portobello road market

It is not unusual to find street art in the same proximity as most London markets, especially markets that feature a strong street food presence. In fact I believe the relationship between street art and street food is complimentary. A few metres away from the food section on the Portobello road market is a series of photomurals celebrating personalities and the history of the Portobello and Goldborne area over the past hundred years. The photomural project, Heart of the Community, is an art installation, 8th in the series, commissioned by the local government authority, Royal Borough of Kensigton and Chelsea. 

As I approached the north wall on Portobello road and in the midst of the second hand goods and car boot sales section, I was struck by these amazing photomurals on the wall. This part of the Portobello road is sparse, probably because it does not receive as many of the 100,000 visitors that visit the market every day. The section looked like the poorer cousin you try to keep away from view, except like Cinderella it really did have something awesome to grab my attention enough to remember it. That something were the 17 or so photomurals on show on its wall.

Wall art installation at Portobello road market


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