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The Best Turkish Kebab in London | MyWeku Tastes
The Best Turkish Kebab in London

The Best Turkish Kebab in London

The Best Turkish Kebab in London

The Best Turkish Kebab takeaway joint in London is renowned for freshly made, flavourful and authentic Turkish kebabs and for good reasons too. I breathed a huge sigh of relief the first time I ordered a kebab from this restaurant. I had put it on such a high pedestal but equally important I expected any restaurant that has the audacity to have such a big play on the word “best” to be exactly that, best.

A friend took me to this restaurant for the second time whilst on a short visit to Stoke Newington, the neighborhood in which The Best Turkish Kebab takeaway is located, for a quick takeaway to be munched on in my friend’s car afterwards. Stoke Newington is an enclave that has a sizeable Turkish population, the vast majority of whom are recent immigrants who arrived in the 50s to date. London of course has always had a big Turkish representation drawn mostly to England to work in the textile industry. The collapse of that industry led to a massive switch to entrepreneurialism that tended to focus on restaurants, cafes, kebab takeaway eateries and mini supermarkets.

My very first foray into Turkish cuisine was a drunken bite into a doner kebab, a kebab beloved of folks who had just had too much to drink. Every club and pub near my university in Leeds, England, had a Turkish kebab joint that came alive as we (students) poured out of clubs and pubs after midnight and in the early hours of the morning. This tradition is repeated up and down the country and has become as much of an English tradition as roast beef and potatoes for lunch on Sundays.

A few years later and armed with a few more years of maturity, I extended my taste for Turkish kebabs and street food to other equally incredibly addictive Turkish and Ottoman cuisine in Istanbul. There is more to doner kebab after all!

The Best Turkish Kebab takeaway has a solid reputation. As I looked on two of the walls opposite and adjacent to the counter I couldn’t help but marvel at the awards and press cuttings. Even David Swhimmer of friends had apparently made an appearance in this rather nondescript restaurant. There was also a rather strange photo of the local Member of Parliament for the area, Diane Abbot beaming from ear to ear as well. Politicians! They never miss opportunities to associate themselves to trendy and popular things.

The Best Turkish Kebab in London

There is obviously an excellent marketing and P.R brain behind this restaurant. As I snapped away on my phone, one of the staff, smiling and with an instinct of a P.R expert, shoved a leaflet into my hands and pointedly pointed out that The Best Turkish Kebab was on twitter and facebook too. I nodded and smiled. Established in 1982, the restaurant is owned by Ismail Demir, who bought it from his uncle. During busier times it takes at least 9 staff to cook to keep the queues moving apparently.

My order was simple. I wanted something that will bring back those memories when doner kebab was king in my life. I had it with salad and chili sauce in the now famous blue lettered paper bag associated with The Best Turkish Kebab. As usual, as it was the first time I had it, it tasted freshly made with good quality meat. It was filling enough to last well past dinner time. My friend did comment that the sheer number of people who get takeaway from this restaurant is so large that, their doner have to be replenished very often, therein, she explained, lay the secret of its freshness.

The Best Turkish Kebab in LondonOpening Times: 12:00-2:00am everyday

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