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Shito French Toast | MyWeku Tastes

Shito French Toast

My maternal grandmother had a habit that made me squeamish. She would munch on stale bread that she kept out of the fridge alongside other living creatures. These creatures were small tropical black ants that devoured anything sugar-ish on sight. It was painful watching as the ants moved from the bread to her lips then to her face as the bread made its way into her mouth. She would of course give us all a cheeky smile and would often proudly blurt out that the ants were a source of her protein.

I often recall these bread cum ant eating feats when I reluctantly have to throw away stale bread. This was until I discovered French toast or more accurately discovered that stale bread or as the French call it “ameritte” or *pain perdu* (“lost bread”) is “restored” bread. Also called “torriga” by the Spanish and “Poor Knights of Windsor” by the English, French toast is now my way of following in the “not wasting food” path first chartered by my grandmother. However, rather than the ants she was fond of my protein came from less adventurous sources – eggs. The stale bread dipped into a mix of beaten eggs alongside a couple of other ingredients and toasted disguised staleness and turned bread into a rather interesting snack or meal fit for Knights albeit poor ones.

One of my favourite, food blogs interestingly called “I am a food blog” put up a recipe (link below) on French toast which included Sriracha, a Ketchup like sauce I am very fond of. The adapted recipe is below. Rather than using Sriracha, I replaced it with Shito, a Ghanaian condiment or sauce I am obsessed with. It is common to apply shito as a spread to bread as you would jam or butter, but on French toast? That is unheard of. 

Recipe below. Recreate, enjoy (as I did) and do let me know what you think 🙂

Shito French Toast

Shito French Toast

Shito French Toast

Shito French Toast

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