Vanilla flavoured Ice Kenkey

Vanilla flavoured Ice Kenkey

Vanilla flavoured Ice Kenkey


October 24, 2015

Vanilla flavoured Ice Kenkey 0 5 0

Ice Kenkey reminds me of Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards. Ruthless pragmatism, power and sheer ambition to transform the ordinary into something special. Kenkey, I have written about before is a mere staple. By their very nature staples are easily accessible, plentiful enough to keep prices reasonable for the very poor, but versatile enough to transform into a rather sophisticated and satisfying meal.

Vanilla flavoured Ice Kenkey


Half a ball of kenkey

3-4 teaspoons sugar to taste

Half a cup evaporated milk

150-250 ml of water

3-5 ice cubes

Half - 1 teaspoon vanilla powder

3-6 tablespoons evaporated milk


1Pour the water into the blender and blend all ingredients in a blender until the texture is smooth.

2Garnish with or add the vanilla to all other ingredients to be blended.


You can substitute fresh milk with the water
Add more evaporated milk if you prefer a more creamy and richer Ice Kenkey


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