Roast Guinea Fowl with Yam Balls

roast guinea fowl with yam

Roast Guinea Fowl with Yam Balls


October 24, 2015

Roast Guinea Fowl with Yam Balls 0 5 0

Guinea Fowls are “officious little men in baggy suits” says Gail Damerow in “Raising Guinea Fowl: A Low-Maintenance Flock.” Roasted whole guinea fowl with suya spice is a Ghanaian dish that remains one of the country's favourites.

roast guinea fowl with yam


5-7 tablespoons of chinchinga spice

1 clove of garlic

20g fresh ginger

1 teaspoon dried crushed birds eye chillies

Half or one whole medium onion

3-4 tablespoons vegetable oil

Vegetables to roast (optional)


1Blend the chinchinga spice, garlic, fresh ginger, chopped onions, pepper and vegetable oil.

2Rub the blended spice mix in and outside the guinea fowl .

3Pour any excess marinade on top of guinea fowl.

4Leave marinade to stand for a couple of hours in the fridge

5Preheat oven to 180 celsius or Gas Mark 4 for a few minutes

6Put guinea pig on oven tray and cook for between 30-40 minutes.

7Baste the guinea fowl regularly to keep moist and add a cup of water in tray

Gravy made as a side
Yam balls as a side dish


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