Cuisine: Ivorian

Honey glazed groundnuts

Honey glazed roasted groundnuts

Groundnuts are a West African favourite. Pureed they can be made into incredible soups and stews. As a street food it has few equals. Glazed with honey and then baked, it turns into a snack made for when you just want to munch on something sweet to while away the time. Foe those moments of relaxation after a hard day's work, I guess.

Oven-baked yam tortilla with ham

Oven-baked yam tortilla with ham

This is where Africa, the Caribbean and other tropical locales meet Spain. Tortilla as some of you know is the English name for the Spanish favourite tortilla de patatas, traditionally made with eggs, potatoes and onion. in this version yam is the base instead of potatoes and a lot more ingredients are added to give it more flavour.

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Ginger drink West Africa

West African Ginger Drink

The ubiquitous home-made West African ginger drink can be found in most West African cities and towns in creative recycled vegetable-oil bottles. The strength of these West African ginger drinks is not to be sniffed at. They pack a punch and can be served chilled or with ice.