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Yam Pottage

Yam Pottage

Yam Pottage also known as Asaro is a mashed boiled yam dish. This meal is one more addition to the plethora of yam based dishes across Africa.

Yele Kakro

Yele Kakro (Yam Balls)

You can turn long hair into a bun, a blow out, a beehive, a bob cut, braids and cornrow. Yele (Y3l3 – the “e” is pronounced as you would “urn” without the n) as yam is known in the Ga language in Ghana has the versatility of long hair. You can boil it as a side dish with for example Kontomire stew, fry it, oven bake it, mash it or turn it into Yele Kakro otherwise known as Yam Balls

roast guinea fowl with yam

Roast Guinea Fowl with Yam Balls

Guinea Fowls are “officious little men in baggy suits” says Gail Damerow in “Raising Guinea Fowl: A Low-Maintenance Flock.” Roasted whole guinea fowl with suya spice is a Ghanaian dish that remains one of the country's favourites.

kontomire stew with yam and plantain

Kontomire stew with boiled yam and plantain

Nkontomire or Kontomire is the name given to Cocoyam leaves or taro in Ghana. Taro which is a source of vitamins A and C is also native to other countries in Africa such as Nigeria (biggest producers in the world), Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. In Egypt they are called kolkas and in Europe it had been used since Roman times