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Rice with chichinga (suya) spiced domedo

I love left overs. Some such as these (the Ghana gravy, Ghana salad and domedo) can all come together to create a rather interestingly basic versatile dish. The various flavours as well as the convenience of throwing the ingredients together in less than 20-30 minutes makes this a great dish for when you can't hang out in the kitchen for too long.

Rice water porridge with stewed berries

Ghana rice water porridge with Stewed Berries

Stewed berries (blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Birthing Waakye and sautéed spinach on Mothers' day

Waakye with sautéed spinach

Waakye is a great Ghanaian meal made of rice and beans. Traditionally it is consumed with gari, meat or chicken stew and shito. Adding Sautéed spinach makes this meal an even bigger power house. Spinach, known in Ghana as kontomire is known for good health. With no meat in sight this one pot meal qualifies as vegetarian and is packed full of flavour and variety. Avocado and a sprinkling of sesame seeds are used as garnishes.

Indulgent Oven-baked sea food jollof rice

Oven-baked sea food jollof rice

Arguably the easiest and most convenient way to cook west Africa's iconic jollof rice is to bake it in an oven. On this occasion, instead of the more popular chicken or beef jollof rice, sea food takes centre stage in this recipe. A lobster, king prawns, mussels and clams give this sea food jollof rice a twist that will whet your appetite and nothing gives you that typical coastal West African flavour than this one pot baked dish.

Oven-baked Jollof rice beats jollof rice in a pot!

Oven-Baked Jollof rice

The truth is baked jollof is not traditional, it goes against everything your mum told you about a woman that can cook jollof, it will not impress the men who just love to see their wives in the kitchen for hours but it will certainly save your time. It's like discovering the microwave or frozen meals all over again except this time you actually made it. So if you are like me and your time is precious, try the recipe below and thank me later!

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Fried Rice

Fried rice

No self respecting party in countries like Nigeria, Togo and Ghana goes ahead without the ubiquitous (egg) fried rice. This and other West African twists to the original Chinese fried rice is what this recipe is about. There is no need for Chinese spices, soy sauce or oyster sauce. Instead these are replaced with optional typical West african spices and peppers.

Wali wa Nazi (East Africa’s popular coconut rice)

Wali wa Nazi (East Africa’s popular coconut rice)

Wali wa Nazi is coconut rice popular amongst the Swahili people of East Africa. It owes its popularity to the plentiful coconut trees along the East African coast.



There’s a whiff of culinary greatness about rice and beans combos in general. I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with the fact that the combination provides both protein (beans) and carbohydrates (rice). Waakye is the local Ghanaian name given to this rice and beans combination. I recall having this in plantain leaves with assorted meat and fish, shito, waakye stew, gari, boiled eggs and macaroni as sides as a kid

Arroz Congri

Arroz Congri

Arroz Congri personifies the fusion of two dominant groups in Cuba – Africans and Spanish. It’s nickname is Moors and Christians or black beans (African) and white rice (Spanish).