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Rice water porridge with stewed berries

Ghana rice water porridge with Stewed Berries

Stewed berries (blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Easy creamy Rice Water Porridge from Ghana

Making Ghana’s rice water porridge

My generation had the privilege of having our rice water with the ubiquitous evaporated milk with plenty of sugar which gave rice water a very creamy and rich flavour.

Ghana's rice water is somewhat unique in its preparation. The rice, regardless of which variety is used, is often mushed a little by pressing the grains against the sides of the pot to break them down.

Tom Brown Porridge

Ghana’s Tom Brown Porridge

Tom Brown is Ghana's very own cornflakes, well for adults and children anyway. For babies, it is perhaps one of Africa's most significant dishes, a meal for weaning babies that is packed with essential nutrients and easily affordable for all.

Vanilla flavoured Ice Kenkey

Vanilla flavoured Ice Kenkey

Ice Kenkey reminds me of Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards. Ruthless pragmatism, power and sheer ambition to transform the ordinary into something special. Kenkey, I have written about before is a mere staple. By their very nature staples are easily accessible, plentiful enough to keep prices reasonable for the very poor, but versatile enough to transform into a rather sophisticated and satisfying meal.

Duck egg omelette

Duck Eggs Omelette

An Omelette with toasted bread (great meal if you are planning on shutting your brain and lazing about with a remote control in hand) but with duck eggs instead of chicken’s!