Peppered Stewed Gizzard with Kelewele

Peppered Stewed Gizzard with Kelewele

Peppered Stewed Gizzard with Kelewele is what you ought to have when you flop on the sofa with a book or TV remote in your hand. It is what you have when you pop into the kitchen not to cook but to indulge. Peppered stewed gizzard became a favourite relatively late in my life. It’s a delicasy that is popular in the meat lovers dens of Naija (Nigeria) several hundred miles away from the streets of Accra where I grew up. Kelewele though has been a long time delicacy of mine. I had grown up enveloped in it’s mystique, a spicy fried plantain snack so very Ghanaian, so very addictive, deep, rich and hot. I would breathe in the heady fragrance of the kelewele sellers’ kelewele on the streets of Accra, a scent so strong with notes of ginger, pepper and fried plantain. Kelewele was the everyday snack, the late afternoon or evening inspiration, a daily elixir, the snack served to company with an elegant rice based meal like waakye or jollof rice.

What, however, is more interesting is the combination of the two. Peppered stewed gizzard and kelewele. The spicy stewy flavour of the peppered gizzard and the pure pleasure of kelewele is simply irresistible. Scoop a portion of the peppered gizzard with a bite of the kelewele and you’d be hit with a savoury and sweet concoction that will mesmerise your taste buds, perhaps even assault your senses.

Both these delicacies are easy to make. Click the links below for the recipes:

Peppered stewed gizzard



Peppered Stewed Gizzard with Kelewele

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