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MyWeku Restaurant: “You will shoot up like a rising star” | MyWeku Tastes
MyWeku Restaurant: “You will shoot up like a rising star”

MyWeku Restaurant: “You will shoot up like a rising star”

MyWeku Restaurant: "You will shoot up like a rising star"

“You will shoot up like a rising star in business.” These were the not so surprising words of a guest white American preacher/prophet to me in my local church in Maida Vale, London towards the latter end of 2016. Our regular preacher (Bishop Essandoh) had given way to him and his wife to minister to the congregation that day. He preached, after which he hand picked about 6 or 7 people to prophesy to. To those not familiar with the gift of prophecy it is to “speak forth” or declare the divine will, to interpret the purposes of God, or to make known in any way the truth of God which is designed to influence people. I intentionally described this man as “White American” because our “Black whatnots” have come under pressure recently for taking “prophesying” to a whole new level that probably isn’t Biblical or frankly not even of the God I serve. That’s not to say every white prophet or white preacher prophesying is the real deal or that every black or African prophet or preacher prophesying is not of God. Just saying be on your guard. In fact the Bible, never mind me, tells you to be on your guard – scripture.

Anyway he spoke at length to me but one statement in particular caught my attention. “You will shoot up like a rising star.” Apparently in the business world, a Rising Star is defined as a person who is growing in prominence, popularity, importance or influence in their particular field. I didn’t scramble to start things based on what this preacher told me. I had been working on things for a good few years. Nothing he said on that Sunday seemed surprising or something I hadn’t deeply felt.

Entrepreneurs on a mission have that same deep feeling to create, not necessarily for financial rewards but to change something. To some it may be to create a product that simply makes my life and yours a little simpler. The mobile phone, the automobile, the computer or perhaps a better packaged food product all make our lives easier. For me the desire to create tends to be motivated more by simply being able to employ people who in turn are able to look after their families. Well, for now anyway, that seems to be the overwhelming motivation. There are others.

Events and circumstances in the last few months, however, can be described as anything but “rising.” There has been “funding issues” that has delayed and changed the scope of the build. There has been other challenges. There has been more head scratching and brainstorming than I anticipated. Had the preacher said “You will crawl like a snail” I would have been less enthused but fast forward to July 2017 and I would have said, well that is the reality. I believe that in my mind MyWeku restaurant was meant to have been launched with razzmatazz and fanfare a good year and a half ago if not more!

Looking back though and as the build finally starts, the delay makes Devine sense or at the very least the period of “non-action” was in reality a period full of action that I tend to overlook. Most of the “little stuff” like designing signage, building the delivery platform for the related Weku Kitchens, designing snacks packaging for the restaurant (to open up another income stream) to mention a few were all done during this period. I had more time and never felt rushed to research what the lighting would look like both in the covered seating area and in the garden. Plenty of thought went into the landscaping during this period. Researching and finally drawing up a list of kitchen equipment as well as finding the maker of my beloved clay oven all happened during the “non-action” period.

The point is impatience has a habit of making things seem longer to manifest that they really are. I am reminded of the Biblical story of Joseph. As my friend Aba FAME puts it “Nobody gets up one day and finishes a thousand (1000) journey which is supposed to be done in continuous movements with just a step. After Joseph had a dream about his future, he didn’t just end up at the palace as a prime minister or 2nd in command to Pharoah of Egypt in just a flash. No. It didn’t happen just like that. He had to pay the price for his kind of destination. He had to fight battles within and without to get to his promised land. Has God revealed something to you? Are you waiting for the manifestation of that thing but have refused to pay the price for it and rather resorted to complaining, wailing, fidgeting, crying, murmuring etc.? Instead of focusing on and paying attention to every distraction, focus on the main reason for the battles so you can pick up the lessons and knowledge you need to acquire for future reference for your journey at every stage of the battles.”

Words of wisdom no doubt from Aba FAME. In the next few weeks I will tell you about what I got up to whilst waiting. I’ll call it my waiting list.

Waiting List:

1. Building the ordering and delivery Platform
2. Landscaping and buying plants
3. Stocking up on crockery
4. Logo redesign
5. Shito and spice Label design
6. Designing signage for MyWeku
7. Designing coffee loyalty cards
8. Researching and selecting covered area pendants
9. Researching and selecting retro brick kitchen tiles and Moroccan kitchen splash-back

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