MyWeku Gardens takes off with a bang!

MyWeku Gardens: MyWeku Gardens takes off with a bang!

So whilst the restaurant gets ready for its grand opening later on in 2018, there was nothing to stop the gardens hosting its first event. Our dedicated bar, stand alone gents facilities, slimline pergolas and a couple of other essentials are not ready but that was no excuse to say adios to our first event. 60% there or thereabouts was enough for us to dare host a party of 150 guests.

MyWeku Gardens of course is the event planning arm of MyWeku. It is also the name of the venue the restaurant is on. Once in a while private events held on the grounds at MyWeku Gardens means that the restaurant will be temporarily closed. This was one such event but with the difference that it was actually meant to test the readiness of the restaurant or more specifically the kitchen operations as well. The day a mere 4 days after Christmas 2017 started with the inevitable set up for a 4 pm start.

MyWeku Gardens takes off with a bang!

MyWeku Gardens takes off with a bang!


MyWeku Gardens takes off with a bang!

This was as close to a full package service as could be mustered at this point. Our very own Freddy of Justfreddies took care of the menu. Freddy was a banqueting chef in London before the allure of running his own restaurant and catering service took him to Accra. 18 months down the line and Justfreddies restaurant and catering is making inroads in the Adenta area of Accra and beyond. Freddy and I had spent ages discussing and tweaking the menu. This was somewhat an experimental menu.

MyWeku Event Menu

I couldn’t wait to gauge the reaction of our guests.

Will the stuffed aubergine wrapped in bacon with dauphinoise potatoes be a hit? Could we get away with having jollof rice as the only local dish on the menu?

We do food but also do décor equally as well. We had the place decked out with temporary wooden pergolas with hundreds of lit tea lights in glass baubles hanging from them. Assorted candle lit lanterns enveloped the grounds. The dance floor had the most amazing string lights and the plants had fairly lights hugging them. All that lighting set the mood and ambience.

It is like walking into Pinterest

was my favourite comment on the night.

The bar staff were excellent as they displayed their cocktail skills. DJ Vision kept us all on the dance floor well past midnight with some crazy tunes. Some guests had rummaging through the candy bar, savouring the delights of the chocolate fountain, watching the fireworks light up the skies or enjoying the all night BBQ grill session with our made in James Town domedo or our live grilling kebabs, chicken on skewers as their favourite moment. Mine was the photobooth. There is just something about “goofing around” in front of a camera that gets everyone incredibly excited.

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