Ghanaian food Waakye and Kelewele now on British Airways menu

Ghanaian food Waakye and Kelewele on British Airways menuA few weeks ago I had, possibly one of the most memorable on-board meals on a
flight to and from Istanbul. This was mainly local or indigenous Turkish and Ottoman food nicely presented and packed with flavour. The lentil stew, stuffed egg plants and the ubiquitous Turkish kebab did not fail to hit the right notes. I recall thinking to myself on the flight, if the day would ever come when my flights to my homeland Ghana, will be peppered with sumptuous Ghana cuisine. Waakye with fried fish and shito, jollof rice, red red and my beloved kelewele could all make such great candidates.

After-all It is not unusual to be served Arabic Mezes and lamb stew on Middle Eastern air lines like the Emirates or reindeer (yes reindeer) on Finish airlines. So why do I often have to put up with “foreign” food on flights to Ghana? Surely as great as roast or mashed potatoes with green peas and gravy is I expect something a bit more indigenous to the country I’m just about to visit.

Well, it seems I didn’t have to fret for too long. I woke up a couple of days ago with this statement from British Airways (BA) flashing around in every Ghanaian newspaper. “We are very excited to have just launched a new on-board menu from Accra to London, which is in response to feedback received from our Ghanaian passengers”

First of all kudos to those passengers.

The statement went further by specifying some of the meals (alongside Western dishes) British Airways will be adding to their on-board menu. These included waakye, kelewele, spicy chicken stew and Ghana’s famous pepper sauce, shito. Honestly, what better way is there of promoting Ghanaian food? What better way is there of giving the hordes of Ghanaian expatriates and Ghanaians in the diaspora a taste of home and visitors a taste of what Ghana cuisine has to offer?

Photo credit: Starfm

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