Ghana style deep fried Shrimps

Ghana style deep fried shrimps is usually associated with Ghana’s ubiquitous Kenkey. By far the most popular combination of a Kenkey meal is Kenkey with fried fish and shrimps. 

Growing up along the coast of Ghana’s capital, Accra, gave me some advantages. I never really thought deeply about shrimps or the myriad of fish that formed a major part of my diet. Shrimps and other sea food were common and were never considered that special until I started dining in some fine restaurants in Europe. Shrimps and prawns were not cheap I realised. My perception altered even further when I read about the enormous billion dollar potential for foreign exchange of shrimp farming in Ghana. All of a sudden visions of shrimp powered Dubai-esque Accra, shrimp financed purchase of half of English premiership football teams and American hobnobbing with obscenely wealthy polygamous shrimp sheiks flashed through my mind. Out of respect for optimism I refuse to believe otherwise, but for fear of others questioning my sanity I shall say no more about shrimp powered economies and concentrate on the recipe below – deep fried shrimps Ghana style. 

Frying Shrimps

Frying Shrimps

Frying Shrimps


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