Chef Kiran Jethwa talks about his life, businesses and profession

Kenyan Chef, Kiran Jethwa talks about the range of businesses he own and runs in this inspirational and informative short documentary. He talks about his bi-racial heritage and his happy childhood growing up in Kenya.

Chef Kiran Jethwa talks about his TV food and travel TV shows “Tales From a Bush Ladder” that airs in over 80 countries and has won several awards.

“I used the profession to see the world” he says about his profession as a chef. He also talks about how his restaurants set standards that were not necessarily there in the restaurant industry in Nairobi. Using exclusively local produce, making sure the ambience was right and the environment was contemporary, were just some of the elements he helped introduce.

Perhaps, for me the most fascinating bit of he interview was this quote:

We self-financed the whole thing; basically from day one we were in there painting the ceilings and doing whatever we had to do ourselves.Any business you get involved with you are putting your neck on the line particularly restaurants. 1 in 10 restaurants that open will succeed in year one and in the following year out of the ones that succeed you have the same statistics.

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