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Alasa (African Star Apple) Lassi Drink | MyWeku Tastes

Alasa (African Star Apple) Lassi Drink

Alasa, also known as Agbalumo, Udara or African star apple (Chrysophyllum albidum) was a popular fruit of my childhood. In Ghana, Alasa is the popular name given to the African star apple. The fruit is often found in markets or displayed on trays by vendors on roadsides in Southern Ghana between October to January when they are in season. The fruit is also popular in other West African countries like Nigeria where they are know as Agbalumo or Udara.

The Alasa fruit has a sweet and sour flavour. The inspiration to turn this fruit into a home made lassi came from a trip to Bangladesh and hanging out in London’s Brick Lane, a hub of all things curries and Indian lassi drinks. Lassi drinks are drinks made of blended yoghurt, spices, water and fruit. A quick search on google revealed no Alasa or African star apple lassi so this I know is unknown territory, but one filled with the excitement that only creativity and originality brings.

The result of this drink was a marvel. It tasted sweet but with a slightly biting and sour aftertaste, just like the fruit itself. What amazed me, however, was that this drink was made alongside a mango lassi drink at a small get together. The Alasa drink or lassi won hands down as guests finished it way before the mango lassi.

Alasa - African Star Apple


Alasa Lassi Drink


Click for the recipe – Alasa Lassi Drink

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