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Accra Series: Brunch at Accra’s Cafe Kwae | MyWeku Tastes
Accra Series: Brunch at Accra’s Cafe Kwae

Accra Series: Brunch at Accra’s Cafe Kwae

Accra Series: Brunch at Accra's Cafe KwaeIs anyone else enjoying the Accra series as much as I am? Well sit back and relax because this fourth post is a rather interesting one on a restaurant that has become the “go to place” for Accra’s young professionals.

Getting 5 ladies dressed up and out of the house isn’t a very easy task especially when most of the day is going to be spent at the spa. Just picture one person in front of the mirror drawing the perfect eyebrows and another on the phone with the spa team confirming the availability of the private pool and another fussing over what swimsuit will be appropriate for “the gram” and the list goes on. Well it’s safe to say that what was intended to be an early morning family breakfast turned out as expected to be brunch.Accra Series: Brunch at Accra's Cafe Kwae

Cafe Kwae was recommended as one of the go to places in Accra for breakfast. There are very few places in Accra that serve breakfast. Top hotels do but usually serve over priced breakfast buffets that will hit your pocket hard. Armed with that information my family and I were happy to stop over at Café Kwae for a quick breakfast, well brunch (covers face) before heading to the spa.

Cafe Kwae’s location gives it a big tick. It is right in the middle of airport city surrounded by hotels and offices like Vodafone, PWC and shopping malls. Whether you get tired of the hash browns at your hotel or want to grab a cup of coffee on your way to work or want a quick bite before catching your flight then you are in luck. Be mindful of parking since it’s located on the ground floor at No. 1 Airport City Square and, therefore, doesn’t have an allocated parking space. The menu at Cafe Kwae is pretty simple with wraps, salads, pancakes and some interesting hot drinks and cocktails.Accra Series: Brunch at Accra's Cafe Kwae

Accra Series: Brunch at Accra's Cafe Kwae

Cafe Kwae is like the typical London cafe but with a “breakfast club” twist. You have to go there to perfectly appreciate the comparison. The service was quite interesting. We were sat at a big table close to the entrance to accommodate us. I must admit I felt a bit uncomfortable laughing with my family as everyone else seemed to be working on their laptops and we were not too happy with the loud giggles. I get the sense Cafe Kwae is the sort of place you go to catch up on emails, finish your work or have lunch with a colleague. Perhaps not the kind of place I would recommend you go to with your girls.

The breakfast menu is simple. We had the full Cafe Kwae breakfast and pancakes for breakfast.
I wasn’t happy with waiting 30 mins for my meal. I hope that was a one off. After patiently enduring the wait, I was stunned at the breakfast portions; way too small for a big girl like me. You see, I’m so used to having a good sized English breakfast. Therefore, the small pancakes and skinny sausages on my plate only filled me up for no more than an hour. I still can’t get over the look on my sister’s face when she saw the size of her meal. And no I’m not exaggerating. I have pictures!
Accra Series: Brunch at Accra's Cafe Kwae

Accra Series: Brunch at Accra's Cafe KwaeNow compare it to my Coco Lounge post, did you noticed the size of their sausage? Oh and Coco Lounge is relatively cheaper.

Did the food taste good? Yes! I was impressed by the taste and so for someone who prefers a small sized breakfast, Cafe Kwae will meet your needs. For my sisters and I not so much, maybe when I’m on a diet. Visit Cafe Kwae soon and tell us what you think about the portions. I might just be the typical foodie that I am so don’t take my word for it.

Hope you enjoyed this post too and get ready for my visit outside Accra to Ada’s Aqua Safari. Stay tuned.

Address: Ground Floor, One Airport Square, Airport City, Accra, Ghana

Hours: Open today · 8am–10pm

Phone: +233 20 400 4010

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