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Abobie (Anchovy Pepper Sauce) | MyWeku Tastes

Abobie (Anchovy Pepper Sauce)

Abobie (Anchovy Pepper Sauce)

Abobie or Abobi (anchovy pepper sauce) is a delicious fresh pepper sauce mainly found in the Volta region of Ghana. The main ingredients are pepper (habeneros, green peppers or kpakpo shito), onions, ginger, salt to taste and the all-important anchovies. In Ghana anchovies are affectionately called “Keta School boys”. Keta is a reference to the small town Keta in Ghana mentioned in Maya Angelou‘s All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes.

The recipe below combined both scotch bonnet and kpapko shito in an attempt to fuse the heat of the scotch bonnet with the milder, sweeter, tastier but perhaps less easily accessible kpakpo shito peppers. Kpakpo shito itself, as was written about here – Ghana’s Kpakpo shito – is an essential ingredient in one of Ghana’s most popular pepper sauces.

The flavour of Abobie is excellent in its uniqueness and in my humble opinion so much tastier than kpakpo shito pepper sauce. I often wonder why Abobie is less popular even though secretly I kind of know the answer to that. “Keta school boys” (anchovies) don’t come cheap and it could perhaps be seen as a bit of a luxury to grind or blend it all into a pepper sauce.

Well, today we are going to do luxury. Not decadent but close. We are going to relegate all other popular pepper sauces to the background to elevate Abobie to the fore. However, before we do that it is noteworthy to state that Abobie is often traditionally eaten with Akple, a dough like cassava dish popular in Ghana’s Volta region. Over here at MyWeku Tastes even though we have a reverence for tradition, it does not constrain us. Fried yams, roast potatoes, Kelewele, fried rice and many other sides all make for good side accompaniments for Abobie.

Abobie (Anchovy Pepper Sauce)

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