A Nigerian Buka makes waves in Georgia, USA

A Nigerian Buka makes waves in Atlanta, USAAtlanta according to Ade Faderin, the owner of the Fine African Dining restaurant in Marietta, near Atlanta, USA has the third largest population of Nigerians. His desire to serve this population with what they crave most – Nigerian food was met with resistance by his wife as he narrates below. However, his persistence never failed and he now runs one of the most successful African restaurants in Georgia, USA.

As the cuisine of the American south becomes more diverse as people from non-typical American cultures emigrate into the south, gaps are created to serve them with the food of the home countries. Ade Faderin saw that gap and duely took the opportunity to fill it. Now his customers extend beyond a Nigerian clientele to include other West Africans and African Americans, who he points out use pretty much the same ingredients such as okro in their cooking.

Ade Faderin’s Fine African Dining (FAD) restaurant also caters for group parties.

The video below was made courtesy of the The Southern Foodways Alliance a group which studies and explores the diverse food cultures of the changing American South and posted on Eater Videos.

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