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Kontomire egg bake

An easy and healthy dish not just for breakfast, but perhaps even as dinner. Kontomire leaves or spinach as it is more widely know is the star ingredient here.

Garden egg stew with boiled yam and plantain

Garden egg stew with boiled yam and plantain reminds me of a bygone era in the more forested hinterlands of Ghana. It’s a meal to be had after a hard day’s work on the farm as you scurry back home skipping and dodging puddles of water on the way. In those days, muddy footpaths passed as tarmacs and cement pavements. Squelching chale wote sandals and slippers were the norm and a cutlass in hand to beat the creeping foliage away from the path was a necessity. Leaves danced on the horizon, trees, their bare branches stretched heavenwards like arms held high as they swayed in the wind.

Ghana’s garden egg stew

Garden egg stew is one of the most popular stews in Ghana. It has the African egg plant commonly known as garden eggs or (known in Ghana as nyadua in the Twi language, s3b3 in Ga, ntrowa in Fanti and Agbitsa in Ewe and solanum aethiopicum in Latin) as its main ingredient.

Duck Eggs Omelette

An Omelette with toasted bread (great meal if you are planning on shutting your brain and lazing about with a remote control in hand) but with duck eggs instead of chicken’s!

Duck Egg Omelette

Today I am inspired to create a Duck Egg Omelette. Ridley Road, Dalston Market is one of my favourite food..